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Behind The Scenes

Lifetime installations, portable kitchen pod

I recently got to take some behind the scenes photos for a video shoot along with headshots and stills of the product.

This is an amazing idea that I haven't seen done before especially for home renovations. and the purpose is to make your life much easier as the client, I have seen it done on tv sets, for builders and workers but never actually catering to some one who is having their kitchen refitted and losing access to something that is a key point in their home. So this a fantastic way to make your life much easier, whilst still having that place to have a nice home meal, a place to work or do homework with the children whilst your house is a worksite.

Photos: The POD is a luxury to have and makes life easier with all the accessories you need for cooking, washing and eating.

Photo: the showroom above shows some of the work the can create

I loved this shoot as everyone worked fantastically together and it was such a warm and welcoming environment. with a great product. these are some of the images I took and I can only emphasise if your looking for a renovation check these guys out, they offer renovations and also a way to still enjoy family meal time. links below:

some of the behind the scene images below


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