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Community Fundraiser

Adstockistan is a local village orchard in Adstock, Buckinghamshire that was set up as a way to bring the community together but also to raise funds for Afghanaid.

"trees have been planted, each donated by individuals and families with connections to Adstock. For each tree purchased a donation was added which went directly to Afghanaid, an international charity that operates only in Afghanistan helping the poorest families in the remotest districts with their development and survival needs." it now hosts an annual Octoberfest with local bands, cider and wine making, judging, food businesses, and even a few activities.

This year I got to be the photographer and capture the essence of what this amazing community does.

The orchard has raised money for various local charities, for instance the Scannappeal, the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Addington Fund, NHS Together and the Brain Tumour Trust and I'm sure there are lots more to add to this list.

Jo who owns the land is all about community and is very passionate about helping achieve and making an impact in a country where he has worked and visited.

Take a look at the amazing things that are happening

Enjoy some of the photos below.

Toni :)

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